HACKD 11 – Illegal amounts of fun

Every quarter, MeetMe holds a 48-hour hackathon called HACKD. Though it is heavily focused on coding, we are proud to say that we differ by allowing all departments to participate and to “hack” fixes/improvements into their daily lives at work. Projects in the past have gone from cleaning up documentation to building a ping pong table to building a completely anonymous chat platform.

We just finished our 11th HACKD and I’m happy to say that it’s one of the best we’ve had.

Before we even get started hacking, one of the things we do is come up with a theme for HACKD to make it a little fun. They have all revolved around movies, and this one was no different:



Once November 12 hit, the teams were free to start hacking! Here’s a look at what MeetMe built at HACKD 11.

Meet Cast

Similar to the apps Periscope/Meerkat, the team of David, Jason, and Bryan tinkered with a platform where people can livestream their own video with a group chat component built in. We were really impressed by the work they did and what they learned in a short order of time!

We’re Under Attack!!

We have a fairly large company and the thought from Corky, Louise, and Bobby here was to hack office relationships, building a game that acts as an icebreaker for people in different departments to come together. Why not do it as a fun game by saving the MeetMe offices from a school of sabertooth sharks?

Office Overhaulers

There were a few improvements that could have been made around the office so Kate and Jamie took it upon themselves to do so. They revamped our kitchen area to organize all of our coffee and build a bar for more people to sit at.

New kitchen bar!

That organization and extra work space…

Looks great, Kate!

Looks great, Kate!

MeetMe has a good amount of people interested in photography, so one of the more personal touches that they will soon implement is to have some MeetMe employees’ photos be on display around the office.

Browser Push Notifications

One of the major ways that web is lagging behind mobile is in the ability to send push notifications. Google Chrome now enables browser notifications, so Bill and Sandeep took it upon themselves to test out how they work. We’re encouraged by what they showed and are impressed that they were able to get it to work on a production environment in two short days!

Amateur Hour

Our VP of Product, Jeremy, worked to build optimizations to our project flows. Over time, our code changes have become less and less legible, so he reformatted all of these emails to make them much easier to read. In addition, he also took our integration of JIRA and built out a completely customizable project pipeline page that makes our lives much easier in order to find out the status of all projects and to be able to change project priorities on the fly.

i18n Automation

We have automated scripts that regression test our apps but currently we’re limited to English only. Joe and Lindsay worked together to automate some of the key actions in other languages on Android.

Your HACKD project earns you a thumbs up!

This is just a sample of what teams put together for HACKD 11. I’m so proud of what everyone accomplished and can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with for HACKD 12!

(If you have any ideas for a movie theme for HACKD 12, please leave a suggestion in the comments…we’re going to eventually run out of movies here.)

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