What MeetMe is reading this month


by Blake J. Harris (available on Audible)

David Weinstein


by Simon Sinek (available on Audible)

“With a heavy lean toward biology, this book talks about being a great leader and as a result building great teams.  Among other things, this includes being a strong team player and highly empathetic, rather than being in more of a dictatorial role.”

Matt Kemmerer

mindstarrising quantummurder

The Greg Mandel Series: Mindstar Rising, A Quantum Murder, and The Nano Flower

by Peter F. Hamilton (available on Audible)

“Peter F. Hamilton is a wonderful Sci-Fi author.  This series is different from his other series, as it’s a detective series with a sci-fi backdrop.  All three books are a fun read.  It’s also a nice departure from his normally long novels.”

Jason Lotito

A Short History of Everything

by Bill Bryson (available on Audible)

“There will always be a point in time where we think there is no more to learn on a subject, only to learn that there is plenty more to learn about a subject. Knowledge never stops.”

Rich Friedman

Daemon      Freedom (TM)

Travis Himes


The Netflix Simian Army




“Phoenix servers recently came up in conversation and lead to these articles.  Chef gets us most of the way there, but there is certainly more we can do. And the Netflix idea of having an automated army that purposely breaks unexpected random parts of your infrastructure is scary and awesome at the same time.  It would lead to a LOT more automation and less stress in the long run.”

Diana Shkolnikov

by Ben Horowitz (available on Audible)

The Hard Thing About Hard Things is an in-depth look at what it’s really like to run a startup – exploring the tough times where defeat seems imminent and the difficult decision making that occurs that completely changes the future of the company.

Matt Kemmerer

Invention and Entrepreneurship

by Peter F. Drucker (available on Audible)

“A classic on management and innovation. His approach to strategically and tactically approaching innovation is a must read. This one of the many books from Alan Kay’s reading list I am starting to devour.”

 Rich Friedman


by Dale Carnegie (available on Audible)

“Often considered a classic and a must-read in business, Dale Carnegie discusses how to improve your human interactions.  In short, people like to be treated with respect and like a person, rather than as simply a means to an end.”

Matt Kemmerer   



Worm: The First Digital World War

by Mark Bowden

“Crazy smart folks chasing other crazy smart folks. The code that can be packed into so few bytes that can run rampant across the world in a short time will blow your mind.”

Rich Friedman

Einstein’s Cosmos: How Albert Einstein’s Vision Transformed Our Understanding of Space and Time

by Michio Kaku

“The simple analogies that Einstein had put forth to explain such hard concepts is welcome, but reading this book you get an appreciation for everything that happened for his ideas to come to light. Amazing to see both the support he gets but also the hard times that fall upon him and others of his time.”

Rich Friedman

by Rob Lowe

“Interesting change of pace to read a biography of someone’s life that has gone in a vastly different direction than my own. “

Matt Kemmerer

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