Open Talk: A Whirlwind Tour of Gradle for Android with Mark Murphy, June 17

A Whirlwind Tour of Gradle for Android

The Android tools team has been hard at work developing an Android plugin for the Gradle build system, with an eye towards Gradle for Android replacing the venerable Ant for automated builds. Gradle for Android is also used by Android Studio, the new Android IDE, for its builds. In this presentation, we will explore what Gradle for Android is, what problems it solves, how to get started playing with Gradle for Android, and how to take advantage of some of its basic features. Attendees will leave with a better understanding of why Gradle for Android is important for all Android developers in 2014 and beyond.

About the presenters

Mark Murphy is the founder of CommonsWare and the author of The Busy Coder’s Guide to Android Development. He is active in supporting the Android developer community, from answering questions on StackOverflow to publishing sample code and reusable components as open source.

A three-time entrepreneur, his experience ranges from consulting on open source and collaborative development for the Fortune 500 to application development on just about anything smaller than a mainframe. He has been a software developer for nearly three decades, from the TRS-80 to the latest crop of mobile devices. A polished speaker, Mr. Murphy has delivered conference presentations and training sessions on a wide array of topics internationally.

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