An Easy to Use Android App Rating Library

After recently releasing some new Android apps I found myself in that same place again; how can I get people to leave  app reviews? In my experience reviews need to be solicited, as emotions towards your app are not always strong enough for a user to go out of their way to leave a review.

Step number one, lets look for good open source solutions to this problem. In comes an App Rate Library which I have used in the past. App Rate allows your users to rate your application and encapsulates that knowledge into a library for easy use.

Some of its key features are:

  • Configure when to prompt for a rating such as after 5 app launches and 3 days from the first launch of the app
  • Customize all the button and dialog text
  • Attach listeners on all dialog button clicks to allow running code when the user interacts with the dialog




They like us, they really like us!

This is all great, but its missing some key features that I really needed for my project. First, its pretty common now to see an initial popup that asks if you like the app or not; and if you do not then don’t ask the user to rate the app. So I forked the library and added (optional) support for this. If the user likes the app then they are directed to the existing rate the app dialog; if not then they are now prompted to leave feedback for the app.


Drop Us A Line

If the user would like they can now leave us some feedback by sending an email with whats on their mind. This can be helpful both to let users vent without having to do it via our rating, as well as get ideas for ways to make the app better. And of course everything on this dialog and in the email can easily be customized.




Email Screenshot

We Love Developers!

The feedback email that is crafted also adds useful information like OS version, app version and the user’s phone type.







Great so how do I get it?

The fork of the library can be found right here.


Do you find this sort of work interesting? Do you love quaint Bucks County Pennsylvania? Are you an amazing Android Developer? Then we would love to hear from you!


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